2023-2024 SHSS PAC


PAC is a place to connect with parents, students, school staff, and leaders from the wider community. Help us build shared understanding and strong relationships extending into our community. We invite your active participation, your open communication, your invaluable goodwill. We will be sharing regular updates and looking for your feedback on a range of topics. There’ll be a chance to explore issues, voice concerns, build understanding, and throughout the year to get involved in school events, fundraisers, and volunteering opportunities.


Your voice and your goodwill are invaluable to our school and we encourage your participation.


Together with the regular flow of information and dialog on our PAC Facebook forum, we’ll continue to offer monthly PAC meetings via Zoom videoconferencing for parents who would like to be involved.

PAC Chair: Steph Schulte
Acting Secretary: Terri Forester
Treasurer: Michelle McLachlan

District PAC representative: Angelika Brunner



Your kids, our students. Their potential, our support. All of us, we strive together.

For up to date information please follow us on FaceBook@SHSSSD20PAC
Also, please feel free to contact us at our email address - [email protected]

For those requesting funding, please use the link below to access the PDF form.